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Strain Counterstrain technique poster

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Here is the first poster with all Jones' Points of Strain Counterstrain technique on one view.
Easy to use for practitioner. Nice decoration for the office and for the patients.
It is a very usefull poster for students in osteopathy and manual medicine.

16,67 € tax incl.

Date de parution : 10/2016
Editeur : TITA éditions
ISBN : 9791092847031
Dimensions 50 x 70 cm
DescriptionP2M Poster des points de Jones (Ostéopathie) - Strain-counterstrain.

The best book to learn the strain-counterstrain techniques created by the Dr Jones - osteopath. This book was written by Antoine Dixneuf, who use and teach this technique in France from 2001.

37,91 €

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